#capturingcolour • week on wood

When life is moving at a million miles an hour I find creating little photos for my Instagram feed is a way of surviving it all! My feet didn't touch the ground last week, I had photo shoots, meetings for my development job and party preparations! Sammy's birthday was at the start of the half term and fortunately my in-laws came to the rescue and took the boys to their house for a mini holiday so I could squeeze in as much work as possible. I had the great pleasure of working for a very talented lady Julia, who has launched a new smoothie business locally. I came away completely inspired by her life choices, her relationship with food and her wonderful family dynamic. I will hopefully share some sneak peeks later this week. 

I've finally moved into my new office above the garage. It still smells a little like fresh paint and the walls are still bare but I have a proper space to work now, free from too many distractions in the house! I can't wait to show you all in a little tour soon. One of my favourite things is the drop down wooden table that the previous owner used for her art materials. She was a talented painter and I can still envisage her jars of old paint brushes along the window ledge.

It makes a fabulous backdrop for photos because it is flooded with light and I can play around without annoying Rich with petals on pieces of scrap paper over the house!

This was my #capturingcolour week.

And the #capturingcolour gallery was filled with creative compositions, texture, snap shots into people's hobbies, moments with their little ones and artful arrangements.

I was surrounded by wood this week, wooden signs for the party that we made from an old fence panel that was destined for the fire, tree slices that I used as cake stands from a local chap I found through Facebook, and setting up the garden on Saturday made me really appreciate just now much I love pottering at home and how I wish I was more green fingered.

I am determined to try and learn more about the beautiful plants and flowers that keep popping up around the house. I really want the boys to have fun in the garden this Summer, not just on the slide or trampoline but be involved. Tend the vegetable patch, help me cut the flowers, tidy up the pond which looks like an overgrown swamp land! I am getting a lesson soon from a lovely lady in our village who is growing all the flowers for her daughter's wedding this weekend. 

That is my dream for the boys, to watch them walk up to the village church, just like she will on Saturday! 

So this photo from Lucy @mscraftberrybush just had to be my favourite to feature this week. I can just picture her pottering at this table, an effortless backdrop for beautiful photos outdoors. Lucy's blog was one of the first I read when I started blogging three years ago and her attention to detail and elegant styling inspires me so much. 


Come and join in a brand new week of MOOD BOARDS! I am busy plotting away now for the design sessions at Brit Mums Live with my co host, the super talented Teri from The Lovely Drawer. We want to get everyone excited about creating mood boards to help guide you with your blog design and understand how they can be so effective and fun!

It's a conference to inspire, make new friends, squeal and hug old ones and above all soak up everything the Brit Mums community has to offer. Have you got your ticket yet?! 

So get practising! 

#capturingcolour is a weekly theme on Instagram. Tag your MOOD BOARD photos this week. Favourites will be featured next Monday :)