Cheats cake - stacked macaroons

Dada's Birthday 2

As you might have read, number 16 of my goals for 2013 is to bake a cake. Unfortunately this was not achieved in time for my husband's birthday yesterday!

Life is frantic at the moment so a cheats cake it had to be!

I jumped straight on the seriously photo friendly french macaroons bandwagon. They are so beautiful and delicate and much smaller than in photographs I have seen on Pinterest and in wedding magazines.

I used an old polystyrene false cake I used for a Halloween Lolly Tree, wrapped some tissue paper loosely around it and placed my macaroons carefully around the edge and on top.

Simple but so effective. I stacked two cake stands on top of each other and used an old record as a cake board for the top. Musical note confetti and some coloured mini pom poms completed the creation!

Plus they were seriously delicious! One bite wonders!

Happy birthday to my darling husband xx

ps. I did make all sorts for his birthday which I will post tomorrow!

pps. Happy Valentines to all my lovely readers. I have felt so much love this week so thank you!

This is what my Valentine will be opening later today.