Chocolate Free Easter Gift

I love the idea of giving little Easter gifts to the boys that don't have to feature chocolate!

They will be spoilt by family with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, chicks and we seem to have an endless pack of mini eggs in the house, (How is anyone meant to resist the little boxes?!) not to mention all the lovely treats they had in the last week of term at school. Competition prizes and chocolate rewards are fab but when I spied these old fashioned paper eggs in the local garden centre it gave me an idea.

Paper Easter Eggs

Did you ever have one of these as a child? I am hoping we can start a little tradition and keep them for every Easter.

Easter Gift Idea

All you need is the egg, some tissue paper to keep your surprise from rattling around too much and a small gift.

Small Play Farm

I thought this tiny farm set was so sweet and as they are complete magpies and constantly collect baskets of curious tiny things from around the house to play with, I know these little figures will inspire hours of imaginative play.

chocolate free easter gift 6.jpg

Line your egg, add your gift and an extra length of ribbon if you fancy!

Chocolate Free Easter Gift

Will you give Easter presents?! My brother's mother in law in America makes up the most incredible Easter gift baskets for each of them! Like Christmas - amazing!

Chocolate Free Easter Gift