Christmas Pudding Cocktail • Caketail

I love Christmas. I love our family traditions, no presents from under the tree until after the Queen's speech, standing to sing the National Anthem, taking it in turns to perform a party piece and eating Vienetta for dessert. Mint of course.

I just don't enjoy Christmas Pudding! So instead I have made these cake tails as an alternative!

Now you could add a splash of mulled wine, for a deeper, richer flavour, but I wanted to keep this a little lighter.


  • I shot of brandy
  • Half a glass of cider
  • Top up with ginger beer
  • Handful of festive spices from a mulled wine sachet
  • Skewered fresh cranberries and a vanilla pod to stir

Add all your ingredients and mix with a cinnamon stick!

My sister and brother in law are coming to stay on Christmas Eve and we will definitely be trying out a new tradition, Christmas Cocktails!

I am so excited to host our first Christmas in our new house. I have started unpacking our decorations and finding new homes for them. Now we just need the lounge decorated and find a new home for our tree!