Christmas Traditions


There are 5 Christmas traditions my family will follow forever.

  1. The Christmas Letter. Every year my Mum writes a 2 sided A4 newsletter. Starting in January (this year with a burglary that forced them to leave my brother's in the States at New Year early) through to the Jubilee, my brother's USA wedding and small boy's Olympic 1st Birthday Party, right up to my sister announcing her first pregnancy and our family Safari Christmas to honour my cousin moving to Kenya. I love that my Mum still does this. That she is so proud of all of us, she wants to tell over 100 people, our family year story.
  2. Presents. We only have Father Christmas stocking presents in the morning. No early openings on Christmas Eve and no other presents until the afternoon. Shock horror! But at least we don't have to open them one by one. I adore this because the children actually play with what they unwrapped so hastily at 7am and it spreads out the day.
  3. The Queen's Speech. We always watch the Queen's Speech and my Granny always used to comment on her outfit. We stand and sing the National Anthem too. All 14 of us once. It made me feel immensely proud. My big boy sang his 2 year old heart out at the Royal Wedding. I just need to work on teaching him the second verse!
  4. Mint Viennetta. It's a running joke that I adore this rather naff dessert that you can buy for £1. I can't stand cream, brandy butter or Christmas pudding so I shall be having a slab of this delicious Eighties dessert! My Mother in Law has bought one especially, how sweet!
  5. Sparkle. We always dress up on Christmas Day. As in dress to the nines! The sparklier the better. You can dress in jeans every other day of the year! I have some new Christmas shoes to wear this year. If only they were red I would feel just like Dorothy.



I realised I have never posted a family snap from my brother's wedding. So here is the one straight out of the Christmas newsletter!

Amazingly we all didn't coordinate our outfits but looked perfectly matched on the day! I love traditions, what are yours?