Cockerel cowboy - yee ha!

The reason we refer to our eldest son who will be 3 in May as the big boy is because since the day he was born he’s always been, well, big. He was a perfectly average 8lb 5oz but within 6 weeks had doubled his weight and within 12 weeks he had almost tripled! That was when a bottle became my saviour as I think he had taken everything I had and more!

So my big boy, who is still only 2, needs something more exciting than a bonnet this Easter. Bonnets were so last year.

So here is my attempt at a cool big boy hat for the Easter parade tomorrow. Not the most polished crafty project I know but he had great fun and I think it should win top marks for effort!

The cockerel cowboy hat, ta daa! 

I found the cowboy hat in The Range but saw it in Hobbycraft too £1.99, had black rope around the top so I changed that for more Easter-like ribbon!

Will post a photo from the parade tomorrow!