contraception conundrums

I remember at my 6 week check, after I had both my boys, the GP said "so let's have a chat about contraception". I almost fell off my seat! She had to be joking surely, whilst I was finally able to sit down without wincing, (I had forceps with big boy and it was a car crash down there for a long time) the need for contraception was absolutely the last thing on my mind. I have heard the stories of people who have a 9 month and a few weeks gap due to relying on the fact that breastfeeding is meant to act as a natural contraceptive but I am always astonished that people are already to be at it again, just a handful of weeks into parenthood, breastfeeding or no breastfeeding!

Small boy was 5 months old when I finally got round to visiting the GP for the "contraception post baby" discussion. Well, I hadn't specifically booked the appointment for that, I just tacked it onto the end of a visit for the third round of conjunctivitis in as many months.

While my husband is adamant our family is complete, his fear of needles combined with the fact that a vasectomy is a voluntary operation on his misters, has meant that he will not be booking in for the snip any time soon. I have thought about the coil and mentioned to the GP that this was probably a good option. That in five years, we will know 100% for sure that we will not be extending our family as the opportunity and my broodiness will probably have passed by then.

But I had no idea that "having a coil" involved 2 consultations, a number of intimate tests and then a final appointment to have it fitted. Obviously I knew it wouldn't be a "fit it while you wait" scenario and on reflection it is great that the GP devotes that amount of time to each woman.

But I came out wondering when I will have the time for 4 separate visits, as I really wouldn't want to have the boys with me and have to explain to a curious toddler what the Doctor was doing down there! The GP suggested I pick up a leaflet from the receptionist on my way out and then book in at my leisure.

Although I am a grown woman and mother of two, the last thing I was going to do was ask in a crowded Doctor's waiting room for a leaflet advising me on contraception. Announce to the world I might have sex! How embarrassing! Ridiculous I know!

So back to google for now. I found this great, all you need to know article on baby centre, a site I used religiously through both my pregnancies. For now, I'm sure much to my husband's dismay, I'm suggesting abstinence! Well at least until I wake up and don't feel tired as soon as I open my eyes!