Cracking easter crackers

eastercrackers 7

Oh no, when we opened the curtains today there was rain instead of the glorious rays of sunshine we have been spoilt with this week! So inspired by all the other craft mummy’s posts with ideas and tips for entertaining the little ones on holidays I looked at what I had leftover and in the back of a drawer and hey presto! Really easy and simple Easter Crackers!

Here is what you need, but you can substitute bits like the raffia for string and napkins would be just as good as the little Easter freezer bags. In fact if the treats have foil round them you probably don’t need to wrap them in anything first but my big boy enjoyed it anyway!

Wrap your treats up and stuff them down the toilet roll…

Roll it up in a sheet of crepe paper, tissue paper would work too.

Scrunch and tie the ends, bless him he tried so hard but at 2 years old we are way off being able to tie a bow!

Decorate to your heart’s content….

and ta daa Easter crackers just without the snap which my boy finds a bit scary!