#CraftTheParcel with InPost

With life being so manic and hectic since we moved in September, I feel like my creative side has been a little stifled.

Faffing and fiddling with crafty bits and pieces has had to come second to work and getting the boys to school and pre school on time. For those with rising 4's, it's tough. You still haven't cracked it by Year 1. It's every day!

So I jumped at the chance to be part of this creative project with InPost and some of my favourite bloggers.

A chance to have complete freedom to craft a square of a quilt (Cue frantic searching of the garage for my sewing machine and then frantic searches for a replacement, amongst our new neighbours, on account of my pedal being in another box somewhere!) and to be part of a collective project.

Now, those of you who follow this blog will know my crafting skills do not extend to knitting or crocheting or really anything that involves a sewing machine. So staying true to me and my blog, I found photo fabric paper!!!

#crafttheparcel 2.jpg

This paper is amazing! You can print anything you like onto washable fabric paper and just peel and stick! So I chose my most favourite photo, the one that I use for my blog business cards from a floristry shoot I was lucky enough to snap last year, and off I went.

To make a square take two pieces of material, cut to size, I used the previous squares as my guide, and sewed them together with a basic running stitch. I cut out my fabric photo print and stuck it to the fabric.

Simple! But I may have roped my mother in. A blogger's assistant extraordinaire! 

I felt a photo fabric print was perfectly fitting for my square and I was in awe of the other efforts. A sweet embroidered letter in it's own fabric envelope, a hand stitched nursery rhyme. So much talent in a little square.

I sent my leg of the #crafttheparcel onto Emma who blogs at My Little Three and Me. I used the InPost service, have you spotted their vans and lockers?

You know when you are pregnant and all you see are pregnant women? Well since I started this project all I spot are InPost vans! 

I am forever frustrated at the local Post Office being closed after midday and parcels end up being sent back, on account of my inability to manage full time working and parcel collections.

But InPost is different. You can have your parcel collected (Great news for those of us in the sticks!) and dropped off to a locker near your recipient. The collection process takes seconds. A touch screen takes you through the collection procedure and hey presto! A magic door opens to reveal your prize!

Ok, I may have got a little carried away and felt like Christmas had come early, oohing and awing over the locker door that magically opened! It took 68 seconds to collect my parcel on account of all the wonder!

So now I know, I can either send a parcel whilst browsing through the wonderful streets of Frome at the local Texaco, or I can send it from home to a locker. Brilliant! Snail mail just got a whole lot slicker!

This post was in collaboration with a creative project with InPost