Cul de sac Colour Chart

culdesac 2

The sun is shining a rainbow of colours in our road! I made up this game for big boy who, apart from a soggy trip to the park yesterday to walk the dogs, has had a wet weekend indoors.

I dug out an old digital camera we used to use years ago, that although the picture quality is quite grainy, it is perfect for my son turned photographer!

I tied together a load of paint charts I picked up from a DIY store. We then wrote each colour in turn on the pavement and then went off to explore the cul de sac, to find something that matched the colour. He even tried to copy the writing himself.


When he spotted something he took his own picture! We found a few things for each colour for as long as his attention span would stay on each.


I loved listening to how his little brain worked, as he wouldn't always point to the most obvious thing.


Here are some of his photos!


I spotted this beauty!

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