Decorating our home for Christmas • Featuring The Natural Curtain Company

The renovations continue here, with dust sheets, paint brushes and the smell of plaster filling the air!

We are desperately trying to get our living room finished for Christmas, we have new sofas arriving on the 20th, a new stove has been fitted, we just need fresh walls and the floor sanded to get the room ready for Father Christmas to pop down the chimney.

I love seeing the house coming together, finding new homes for our old furniture and pictures, and buying some new bits. All the windows need new curtains and as we live in the middle of the countryside, I have been mostly been buying online. So when The Natural Curtain Company got in touch, I was thrilled to collaborate with them.


They have an extensive ready made range as well as a comprehensive selection of fabrics for their made to measure range. We have been searching and searching for a grey fabric colour way that wouldn't seem flat. We have been trying to find a print or pattern that was subtle enough to provide the neutral backdrop for the pink, turquoise and grey theme we are creating for the room, but with a texture to add interest.

The Baltic range stood out straight away and I was so pleased when they arrived, having not seen them in the flesh. Beautifully lined, with a canvas type cotton fabric, which hang with weight for a more expensive look and feel.

We've been waiting to put up our decorations until the room was finished, but the boys have begged us to have a tree! Everyone seems to have made their homes beautifully festive much earlier this year and yesterday we decided that a dusty tree was better than no tree at all! Our woofers find real trees far too inviting, so we have 2 lovely artificial trees that we have loved for years. 

We are spending most of our time in the family/dining room at the moment, whilst the work is done, so we decided to search in the garage and the loft for all our lovely baubles and decorations, that have been stored away since we moved. 

I made a time-lapse video using the Instagram Hyperlapse app to show you a little of how we are decorating our house for Christmas. The first of 2 trees.. 

the natural curtain company 4.jpg

Of course I adore all the decorations the boys have made over the years, but I also can't help but love a coordinated tree. So I think our solution is perfect! A tree for daytime and a tree for night time, to enjoy when they are in bed! (You'll have to watch the video to get what I mean!)

I am most definitely feeling festive now. And I have a whole box of giant gold bows to find homes for! I am so tempted to wrap the windows like big presents...

Now don't forget, if you are searching for new curtains, you need to order by the 20th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Happy shopping!

In collaboration with The Natural Curtain Company

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