dinosaurs – play time for two!

dinosaurs 1

My boys are almost at an age when one is learning the joys and rewards of entertaining the other. Almost. This precious time lasts about 4 minutes before the small one who resembles a weeble gets knocked to the ground, poor sausage. At the moment he can’t bounce back up.

But big boy is trying to engage small boy and trying to let him join in and I can see when I quietly watch them, that it is frustration that boils over that results in small boy being pushed to the side. It is hard to keep reminding big boy that he can’t talk yet that he doesn’t understand what to do with the cafe menu or that he can’t open the purse and give you coins for your cash register.

However, I discovered this morning that there is something they both can play happily alongside each other with for a little longer than 4 minutes (well long enough to write this post!)

We bought small boy for christmas a set of wooden dinosaurs by I’m Toy. When you have a second child of the same sex they benefit from all the hand me downs, clothes, toys etc so we tried to get him something special for his first christmas that big boy never had. I have my eye on a wooden farm set for his birthday!

These dinosaurs are fantastic. They are incredibly hard wearing, chunky enough for small hands and not too babyish for big boy is will be 3 next month. So while one ate the wooly mammoths tusks the other was acting out the triceratops baby calling for it’s Mama as it had hurt it’s nose and needed the doctor?! They can be wiped clean, can withstand a good amount of bashing on the floor and I keep them all in the fab ZipBin bag which opens out to make a playmate of a dinosaur island.

Find them on offer at a great children’s toy site Funky Moose. I have my eye on the dinosaur digging claw for the sand pit too!