Discover Clevedon

We rarely explore what is right around the corner. 

Almost every weekend we bundle the boys up in the car and head to family and friends or familiar surroundings. But this weekend, whilst Rich took Ollie to a pre school chum's party, Sammy and I headed to Clevedon for a lunchtime date.

Clevedon Pier

Just 15 minutes up the motorway, there is a beautiful seaside town. One of my favourite vintage shops is nestled in the heart of the town, but on Saturday we went to discover Hill Road.

It was heaving. People of every generation taking advantage of the break in the wintry weather, enjoying a drink on the pavement cafe tables and there were too many trinket shops to expect one 4 year old to cope with, so I saved those for another visit.

Seeleys Food Market
Seeleys Food Market
Seeleys Food Market

The big pig was a main attraction. Seeley's Food Market is shouting from the stripey green and white rooftops how wonderful it is to support local sellers and shop local! I was in heaven with the florist Stephanie Eastwood's stall and Sammy lovingly picked out some stunning red anemones at 50p a stem.

Seeleys Food Market
Red anemones
Anemone bouquet

You could almost do your whole weekly shop here. A butchers, bakers and you won't believe it, a candle stick makers! In the window of the market are some sweet little tables, littered with old pots filled with daffodils. We toyed with stopping for lunch, after purchasing our beetroot straight from the ground, but we had a little more exploring to do.

Seeleys Food Market
Beetroot varieties
Seeleys Food Market
Seeleys Food Market
Seeley's Food Market

We headed up the hill to Murrays, a delicatessen which has a breathtaking range of products from the Mediterranean. We spied a table in the window and ordered 2 of their fabulous homemade pizzas. 

Murrays of Clevedon
Murrays of Clevedon

It was both strange and wonderful to be with Sammy on my own. He has a vocabulary that would rival some adults and talked non stop. In fact he was so loud with his inquisitive questions about the giant pears behind us, that the owner himself wandered over to give him some history about his deliveries from Milan.

Murrays of Clevedon
Italian dessert

It was a real pleasure having a little lunch date with a boy so wide eyed and full of wonder for the world. He was blown away by the Romanesco broccoli I popped behind the counter, so no one bought it whilst we finished our pizzas.

Italian Red Wine
Romanesco broccoli
Murrays of Clevedon
Homemade Pizza
Frobishers Pineapple juice
Artisan Bakery
Mom and son date

I wish I could have photographed every wall to share with you, but after a couple of strange looks from other customers at me craning over the lemons, I decided to stop snapping and we browsed the shop. Clearly not bloggers, with sons of bloggers ;)

I was not surprised at all to see that all their 5 course taster events had sold out. Most definitely on the to do list for this year.

Murrays in Clevedon
Clevedon Pier
mr whippy ice cream

We headed for the promenade and shared a 99. Who cares that the temperature had dropped by this point and our noses were freezing?! The lovely ice cream van man snapped a photo of us and as we strolled back to the car armed with a paper bag of goodies (Is it just me but why does it just feel nicer to carry a paper bag as opposed to a carrier bag?) we popped into the charity shop and Sammy went straight for some disgusting sticky goggly eyes. 50p for a perfect end to a mini adventure.

Shop Local
sticky eyes

It was a pleasure spending a few precious hours together, holding hands and feeling special. Gorgeous local produce to take home and sticky eyes. Why of course!

Have you been to Clevedon? I'd love to hear your recommendations for next time.

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