DIY Glitter Cutlery

This is grown up glitter play.

Forget the children - these are beautiful to play with and for adding a little sparkle to your dinner table or party buffet.

Take one plain set of mis matched cutlery and...

vintage cutlery

I picked up a collection of cutlery at my local charity shop for 10p a piece and 3 hallmarked  silver serving spoons for £1.50 each.

I raided my craft supplies and found a half empty pot of gold glitter and grabbed a clear nail varnish from the bathroom cabinet.

DIY Glitter Cutlery

There are lots of DIY tutorials on the internet for adding glitter to wooden spoons using the US product modge podge but in the absence of that magic glue, I found nail polish was perfect and creating a smooth, shiny finish.

It leaves a hard surface on the gilder meaning that there's no dreaded dust once dry.

Glitter Cutlery Tutorial
Glitter Cutlery

Step 1
Over a piece of paper paint a think layer of nail varnish onto the area you want to glitter. 

Step 2
Using a spoon, generously sprinkle your wet area with glitter. Tap to shake off the excess. Leave to dry.

Take a cotton bud and wipe the excess for a smooth finish before step 3.

Step 3
Repeat step 1 over the glittered area and leave to dry.

When finished simply curl the long edges of your piece of paper towards each other and funnel the excess glitter back into the container for another day.

DIY Glitter Cutlery
Gold Glitter
Glitter Cutlery
Glitter Cutlery

Nail varnish will withstand washing, but not forever. So very now and again give them a revarnish.

DIY Glitter Cutlery.jpg

You could try bright coloured glitter for a Spring feel or coordinate your glitter to your party theme.

DIY Glitter Cutlery

I am going to make some more servers for my niece Yasmin's Flamingo First Birthday Party! I wonder how many shades of pink glitter there are!

DIY Glitter Tutorial

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