DIY Moon Balloon • Love you to the Moon and Back

Oh Mabel, our westie girlie, we love you to the moon and back!

Here's a quick and easy DIY for a last minute Valentine's idea. A moon balloon! Is there someone you could surprise who you love to the moon and back?

Take one large white balloon (you can buy them in Hobbycraft in multiple packs or online) and fill it with Balloontime Helium and tie securely.

Spray it with a layer of PlastiKote Stone Finish spray paint in Manhattan Mist to create the darker crater like patches, then top with a layer of Alabaster colour spray from PlasticKote. 

It leaves a rough texture just like you imagine the surface of the moon!

I used a heart felt garland as my balloon string and hooray! A space inspired Valentine's message of love to my boys this weekend. 

moon balloon diy 4.jpg

Are you big on Valentines in your house? We so are!

Every year after my Grandpa died I sent my Granny a Valentine's. And for some reason the tradition of sending a message of love started a little earlier when Sammy was born and now a lipstick sealed card arrives for both of the boys from their Granny and they send one back.

I kind of love that it's a pure outpouring of love. Not a school boy crush, a simple set of words to bring a big smile to her face.

And I have some sweet Valentine's parcels for the small boys in my life. 

Some "space money" aka left over Christmas chocolate coins, wrapped in tin foil, a new Cosmic Quest set of K'nex and a fabulous new t-shirt kindly sent from Joules. I predict lots of rocket noises!

If you are a westie fan feel free to download the image and print it as a postcard for the one you love most!

Click on the photo below or click here.

Wouldn't these moon balloons be fab for a space themed party? I need to try and convince the boys to change their themes from Horrible Histories and a music festival to an outer space adventure ;)

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