Doily Pancakes - Valentines Breakfast

Doily Heart Pancakes

Doilies. I used to think they were so passé. A ridiculous accessory to turn some very ordinary sandwiches into a "posh" tea.

But now that I live on Pinterest I have discovered a whole new world of doily wonder!

Their intricate patterns are so delicate and they make perfect girly bunting.

With it being Shrove Tuesday tomorrow it seemed only fitting to post a pancake recipe inspired by this great idea on Pinterest. I'll be making them for a Valentines breakfast too.

I realised you could make a doilyesq pattern using an old squeezy ketchup bottle.

Yes I know I cheated with the batter mix but Sammy loved singing "Hey Ya - shake it like a polaroid picture" whilst flinging the bottle around.

3 drops of red food colouring makes a perfect pink. I started my hearts at the bottom after a few disaster trial ones.

I sprinkled some edible glitter and then tried some pink chocolate curls in another. Delicious! It makes the mix go much further too.

How are you eating yours on Pancake Day?!