Easter Living Display

I love using a bell jar instead of a vase to make a beautiful display. 

I adore the idea of using egg shells as plant holders but do not have the patience or delicate hands to make them from real eggs. Thank goodness for pretty plastic ones!


Select your flowers or plants. I chose Bellis daisies and Muscari as they are easy to pot in a small container and I love the deep blue colour against a pink Tulip.

Take a pen knife and slice the end off your eggs. Fill with earth and place in the display. You could wrap the ends of your cut flowers in damp kitchen roll to keep them fresh. Water your display regularly and repot your bulbs once they outgrow the eggs.

Easter Display.jpg

I found it easier to use a little round basket, rather than letting the earth spill out everywhere, which will help keep the water contained when watering.

Easter Living Display.jpg

So simple but so beautiful.

Easter Living Display.jpg

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