eBay Collections • my ultimate wish lists

There is nothing I love doing more than making lists, and wish lists are even better.

I adore ripping pages out of magazines, squirrelling them away in a folder or the back of my notebook and creating fantasy boards on Pinterest. But there is something better. My biggest frustration is often that when you spot something you love there is no link through to be able to buy it, meaning I waste hours and hours trying to source this illusive product I have fallen in love with.

All hail the wonder that is the new eBay collections feature

A way to collate all your wish list items and store them for a rainy day! Inspiration that you can actually source - hooray!

I have a habitual routine of letting my imagination run wild with interior design and creating mood boards of inspiration for our dream home... when we ever find it! House hunt is a bad word in this house at the moment. Will we ever agree?!

For our home I flit between styles and colour palettes, themes and influences, but can see them at a glance by curating all my favourite items in one place using collections.

I have always worshipped the girly pinks and pastel shades, my wedding was an explosion of baby pink and subtle greenery and I wish I could hang these in every room regardless of whether there was a birthday or celebration!

ebay collections

It must be the influence of the testosterone in this house because I am drawn to the richness of navy blue and would love a room in our new house bang on trend in 2014 with royal blues. Even just these simple door knobs would bring a touch of elegant navy into a room.

ebay collections

I wish I had the skills to make my own curtains and cushions but instead I know my wish list of fabrics are really for photo backdrops! I mean how wonderful would it be to have a fabric store which you could line with all these linens ready for mini photo shoots?!

ebay collections

But I always come back to my fail safe go to style. A little romantic, a little whimsical, bringing nature into our home. Bell jars padded with moss and little bud vases, shades of green and a mis match of furniture styles and indulgent coffee table books.

ebay collections

How would you describe your style in your house? 

And tell me which of my wish list items would you like too?! Would you go bold and bright like my yellow collection or would you play it safer with striking whites?

You can have a nose at all my collections here! You can find and follow people too! So have a browse through the trending collections and see what inspiration grabs you. 

psst. This is a sponsored post.