ebay Wishes - January

I am a sucker for ebay. A sucker for the last minute thrill of bidding against a stranger and winning that item you have been watching for weeks. I love the auction process, even though it does bring out a terrible competitiveness in me. I almost fell into the trap the other day of just having to win something! (Even though I could have bought it new in IKEA for less - a circus play tent).

Here is my January watch list/wish list!

ONE - Over sized safety pin. Who wouldn't want one of those on the wall?!

TWO - Apple crates for a lounge project I have in mind. Watch this space.

THREE - Pirate storage bag. The boys were given a HUGE amount of playmobil including a massive amount from the pirate sets and I could do with a storage bag to scoop up the extra bits that they are not currently playing with. That way, when I rotate the sets it feels like new toys.

FOUR - A globe - another craft project idea for the playroom.

FIVE - Clinical waste bags. These would make perfect party bags for Ollie's Doctor Disco!

SIX - Vintage weighing scales another fab prop idea for his Doctor and Nurses party theme.

SEVEN - Candy peanuts. For Sammy's Circus party sweet table.

EIGHT - Silicone love heart moulds. I made an offer on these so that I can make a Valentines gift for my boys, because I just love them so much!

NINE - Clown noses. 25 of them. For the 'Clowning Around' jar at the Circus party.

I seem to buy a lot from ebay but never sell anything! That needs to change! Have you used ebay? Any selling tips?!

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