Elderflower & Blackberry Ice Pops • Poptails

I have wanted to make a recipe with elderflowers since finding my Granny's old cook book and her elderflower Champagne cocktail handwritten notes.

But then I bought these ice pop moulds and a new idea was born! Instead of a cocktail how about an ice poptail?!

But these are not just any ice pops, these are Pimms ice pops.

The flavour of the Special Edition Pimms works perfectly as a grown up treat for hot afternoons in the garden. (Incase you were wondering I bought my bottle!)

Pimms Elderflower and Blackberry

You can either make up your own liquid using one part Pimms to 2 parts lemonade or buy it ready mixed! 2 cans makes 4 ice pops.

Blackberry recipe
Elderflower recipe

Chop up some fresh blackberries in half ready to add to your liquid mix.

Take your mixed Pimms and lemonade and pour into the moulds. Fill to half full and add some chopped fruit.

I used a vase to stand my mould upright in and let the first half of the ice pop set for an hour or so. This way when you add the second half, all the fruit won't rise to the top.

How to make ice pops

Leave to set for a couple of hours or overnight if you can. They are set enough to release from the moulds but you may want to keep them in for eating as in hot weather they melt fast! Hence the icy photos. Impossible to photograph without a bed of ice!

Pimms Ice Pops
Pimms recipe
Ice Pop recipe
Pimms recipe
Pimms Ice Pop
Pimms Ice Pops

Is there anything better for the British Summer time than Pimms?!

Now what "Poptail" should I make next?!

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