Fancy a Pussyfoot?! Be rude not to!

pussyfoot 1

The first thing I would like to share, from the beautiful collection of things I was lucky enough to have from my Granny, is her antique ice bucket. To be honest we haven't really ever used it because it is in such lovely condition, I would hate to ruin it! Silly really as I am sure she would love to know it was being used and enjoyed! So this summer we plan to have lots of cocktails!

It sits proudly on the dresser in the dining room, alongside her crystal decanters, which may seem so old fashioned to have, but I love them!

What I found inside was such a treat! A little scrap of paper with a recipe for a cocktail called the Pussyfoot!

Try it for yourself!

Ice, Juice of half an orange, juice of half a lemon, dessertspoon of grenadine and soda.

Mix all the ingredients bar the soda, shake and then top up with the soda!