Finding Happiness in Everyday • Blognix 2014

Calling all happy bloggers!

Have you registered for Blognix yet? There's just one week to go before ticket sales close for the big event that sees bloggers come together at Birmingham's creative quarter, The Custard Factory, to learn from and inspire each other.

The Custard Factory
The Custard Factory
The Custard Factory

Images Credit - The Custard Factory

Blognix is all about promoting positivity in the blogging community, celebrating all that is great about blogging and helping you take your blog to the next level.

I am thrilled to be hosting the photography session after not being able to last year!

My photography workshop session is called Finding Happiness in Everyday because quite simply that is what photography means to me.

iPhone photography

It's my go to happy place, behind the lens of my Canon or staring into the screen of my iPhone.

I could count on one hand the number of days in the last few years where I haven't taken a photo. I don't feel a slave to my camera, my "big camera" sits on the dresser in the dining room and every now and again, when I am not using it for work work, I will grab it and snap something, but generally I am content with the camera that is never far away.

Happy photos

Since reactivating my unloved Instagram account a few months ago I have fallen in love with my phone camera. No pressure of settings and playing around with Aperture or ISO, just snap and go.

Being happy everyday

Making photography part of your everyday life is easy. When you see something you want to remember, snap it. Then and there. It takes seconds!

My phone camera roll is bursting with images that I may forget about for a while but that all mean something at any given moment. 

iPhone photography

I am a natural light photographer. I have a set of studio lights that have never seen the light of day (excuse the pun). At Blognix I am going to talk about creating quality content for your blog and social media, maximising the natural light around you, encouraging your creative side and inspiring others with your wonderful imagery. 


The session will concentrate on practical ways you can improve your photography skills, develop and hone your own style to produce consistently high quality content for your blog and social media. A chance to learn more about styling, composition, hints and tips for taking great photos on the go and at home. You will also get a chance to play with my props!


My motto is all about making the ordinary extraordinary. 

So come and join me at Blognix, along with the incredibly talented speakers and like minded bloggers all excited for a day of community spirit and indulging our blogging passions!

iPhone photos

If you are already going let me know! And make sure you say hello!

Finding Happiness in Everyday

Now go and snap something that makes you happy and share it!

If you haven't found me on Instagram I am HERE and you can also find happy photos on my Pippit feed. A great new sharing site for like minded creatives!

You can share photos, videos, add links (unlike Instagram) and the app shares your blog posts too. Brilliant! Come and be part of it from the start. It feels like I am part of a wonderful community who love a good floral photo or two. Hooray!

I am capturebylucy :)