First Booty Buys

Our new addition to the family had her first half an hour trip out yesterday. To a car boot sale!

Following in her thrifty Auntie's foot steps!

I spied a trunk that was perfect for Sammy's nautical room to house his growing lego collection, and beat the seller down form £20 to £10.

Nautical Chest.jpg

Then I stumbled on vintage heaven on a pasting table. I had a nice chat with the chap selling all his 1920's finds as well as 50's posters and magazines. A sweet girl over heard me and asked for my blog name. It was great when she popped up on Twitter last night as a new follower! Check out her blog to see what she found! 


I bought a vintage American money box that almost looks like a little cash register. I know it will come in handy as a photo prop in the future so worth the £5.

Antique Money Box.jpg

I saw this clown wall hanging draped over a car bonnet and grabbed it for £1. I am going to use it as part of the buffet table backdrop at Sammy's Circus Party! Check out my Pinterest Board for all my inspiration.


I had to have my hand stamped in order to drag a set of shelves, shaped like the bow of a boat, to Mum's car as I was in with my niece and her new pram! Mum whizzed off before I took a photo so I will save them for when I share a Happy Home Tour post of his room! Look out for the first tour post this week of the living room.