Flea Market Adventure


Earlier this week a friend of mine told me about a vintage fair in Weston. It gave us a welcome break from our snow escapades (which seem to always end in tears as one or both of the boys gets too cold/wet feet/falls over/falls off the sledge). On Saturday we had all of the disasters and Ollie is now nursing a dreadful black eye from slipping on the front step.

The car park by the Winter Gardens was like an ice rink but we made it into the warm and pootled around the stalls. There was a mix of china, nik naks, furniture, fabric, clothing and jewellery as well as home ware and a couple of craft bits and pieces.

My husband spied an old record stall with thousands of boxes of records and that kept him happy for half an hour. I was tempted with a beautiful selection of painted ladders, but with absolutely no need for any we moved on!

I tried on a beautiful antique baguette diamond ring, just for fun! The boys ate a snack and the iPhone came in handy as we had a final browse.

We walked along the prom and had lunch in one of the old, traditional hotels over looking Sand Bay and then had a quick play on the sand before Sammy's hands turned blue (he flatly refused to wear his gloves).

And what did we buy?! Well actually we were quite restrained!

Richard bought a Miles Davis record (dinner party jazz so he says, which will come in handy as we host so many dinner parties .... not!), some ribbon for 25p a metre that I need for a big project for my sister's baby shower (how lucky the basket was full of bee colours yellow and black), a rosette for 70p and a postcard for 75p. I am going to use it for a Valentine's craft idea which I will post on Friday.

I am really looking forward to going to an American flea market next month, I bet it will be huge in comparison! Have you ever been to a flea market or did you bag any bargains this week? If you are local to Weston and you missed the market then check out Vintage Von and Simply Gorgeous for vintage treasures.

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