Happy Birthday big boy

If you read this blog regularly, then you will know I usually post a weekend discoveries round up, of wonderful things I have found on the internet in the last week.

As we have a 3 day bank holiday weekend in the UK, I shall be posting my usual weekend discoveries tomorrow.

But today is dedicated to our big boy, Sammy. Yesterday was his fourth birthday. The Circus extravaganza party is this coming Saturday, so there was only one place we could have gone on his actual birthday. A Circus.

I have masses of photos to share this week, but after a long day of fun, high jinks and slapstick we have all crashed out. 

So I will give you a peek into our day, to get you in the mood for what will be a birthday themed blog this week!


He is absolutely our clown. He makes us laugh until our sides ache and melts our hearts. Even when he tests us to our limits, it only take a split second for the atmosphere to change with a cheeky look or hilarious sentence that doesn't quite make sense.

Don't grow up too fast darling boy we love you just the way you are.