Forever House • Part 3

If it's possible, every time we visit our new house, we fall a little bit more in love with it. And when you know you have exchanged and the countdown to actually moving in has started, it all feels strangely surreal. Like packing to go on holiday, you almost don't believe it until you are on the plane and I still can't really believe this is going to be our home.

country garden

When we visited yesterday, after a day of school and pre school tours, it was all about final discussions about what appliances they were leaving, measuring for curtains and making a giant list of all the things we would love to do when we move in. 

Sammy asked the owners "Are we staying here forever now?!" and whilst we weren't staying forever yesterday, our moving date has been brought forward, from what we expected to be a Christmas move to an early September date!

It does mean a little logistical problem with Sammy starting a new school, but for a week or so, Sammy and I may stay in a little B&B or commute the 50 minutes journey from my in laws.

The school is idyllic. Picture perfect village school that doesn't seem to have changed from 100 years ago. Tiny classes for a state primary, he will be number 17 and a swimming pool, 90cm above ground where they try and get the children in at least once a week, through the warmer months. They were all splashing around when we arrived, much to Sammy's delight, practising for Sports Day later that afternoon.

Sammy proudly showed the Headmistress his school report, listing all his excellent scores and it was lovely to hear that they would welcome a strong character boy in the class, to compliment the girls.

Ollie's new nursery was equally as welcoming and homely and he is all registered to start as soon as we officially move in. He showed how confident he is in new surroundings, a confidence that is sometimes overshadowed by Sammy at family gatherings, and we just had time to pop into my favourite discovery during our house hunt, Sprout and Flower, before sussing out a lovely local family run pub.

New House

I couldn't resist capturing some of the garden, which blows me away every time. And this time the sweet peas were as tall as me. 

sweet peas
Potting bench
country garden
country garden
country garden
country garden
country garden
plum tree

As we sat in the conservatory scribbling notes and exchanging email addresses, 86 years of age and on email - I love it, we could hear the boys playing hide and seek. Laughing giggling, crashing into each other and screaming tag, every few minutes! 

That's what I have longed to hear, boys getting lost, making up games and running! It's darling Ollie's 3rd Birthday today, he shares his birthday with my Mum so we have a double celebration at the weekend planned which I will share next week, and I couldn't help day dreaming about all the birthdays we will celebrate here. Games in the garden and decorations in the trees. Bring it on!

So now I need your best tips for moving! With small people. It all felt terribly rushed and disorganised when we moved right on top of Christmas, so I am determined with some time to prepare, to put into practise any of your best advice!