Forget meeting Father Christmas, meet Hue

We have had a busy family week of family parties! A butterfly party for my Sister and then my Cousin's 4 year old boy's magic party, complete with Sir Nit Wit! (A rather colourful children's entertainer who explained all the jokes?!)

We stopped in at my in laws between occasions and had the list discussion. The Christmas list.

Some people hate that debate, that you should buy surprises but with all the toys the boys already have, I would much rather give people ideas, to make sure they don't receive duplicates or that people don't spend hard earned money on something that won't be enjoyed as much as what is top of their wish list!

Top of the boys list is dressing up and small world this year. Big boy would love to start a playmobil collection (I never see any at nearly new sales) and small boy loves little people so the Le Toy Van Hospital would be right up his street! Plus his Uncle and Auntie bought him the matching ambulance for his birthday.

When I asked my husband what he would like from me I couldn't believe my ears. Then I couldn't believe my eyes.

My husband has a bizarre obsession with lightbulbs. We get weekly deliveries from Amazon with some new cost saving lightbulb and parcels get sent back to Amazon on a weekly basis with ones that don't quite create the right light.

We have always saved to really spoil each other at Christmas. Made each other up a stocking and enjoyed the thrill of having a pile of presents to unwrap.

But this left me speechless. A lightbulb, with a name, hue, with the earth shattering price of £180.

Now watch the video.

So what do you think?  A ridiculous waste of money or a very clever invention? Worth £180?

According to my husband it combines his two obsessions Apple products and lightbulbs, as it is being sold exclusively through Apple.

What is on your Christmas list?! Or haven't you got one? Have a peek at mine here.