Free Floral Phone Wallpaper • British Flowers

Hellooooo! Happy summer everyone!

Ok so I am not really on the biggest go slow like this blog would have you believe. I am madly working behind the scenes, racing to meetings in Bristol with my development hat on and photoshoots with snow and baubles. But I miss the blog and am planning a major holiday love affair with blogging when I head to Spain for 2 weeks with my boys without Rich on the 1st August. Roll on evenings with a glass of sangria, aftersun smelling boys in a Queen size bed they will undoubtedly share with their soft touch mama, and a mammoth catch up on posts that have spent 6 months or more in draft.

I came home from a shoot today with handfuls of flowers from a charity roadside stall I spotted on the way back from Devon and felt inspired to give you something back. For still checking in.

So here is a brand new set of free floral phone backgrounds for you to download. From my neighbour's flower patch, from my country garden and from the roadside jam jars I stumbled across on my way back home today.

Download one or download them all. Have fun. Just click on the image to download it to your phone. 

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How is it nearly the end of July? I am not in any way ready to be 35 next month!!!!