Free Winter Floral Phone Wallpapers • A Winter Treat

Is it just me, or as the weather has changed from autumn sunshiny days and pathways strewn with golden leaves that demanded to be kicked and tossed in the air like you were 5 again to wet puddles and miserable endlessly grey skies, the need for a winter treat to cheer you up has got greater?!

I find myself slipping a (uh hmm) family pack of Minstrels or Malteasers into the weekly shopping trolley, because it just feels so comforting to swirl your fingers into a bowl of chocolates. I like to empty mine into a bowl so I can hear the chinking sound of the chocolates against the china as I dive in for a handful searching for the misshapen one at the bottom.

It's a time for complete indulgence. And I love it.

More kisses at the school gates wishing each other a lovely Christmas, rum cocktails on a Tuesday, extras with a roast dinner on a Sunday, suddenly I feel the need for all the trimmings and it's not even Christmas dinner day yet! Yes I need cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire puddings, red cabbage (I mean how good are the microwave ranges in the supermarket this year - I am totally cheating on the 25th December!?) and fires on a Friday morning.

My usually positive nature feels like it gets chipped away in the dark days of winter. I long for flip flops and spring and summer colours around me. I'm snapping at the boys more, my patience seems shorter and I am feeling the pressure of working in more limited daylight hours. So I do what I know best. Accessorise and indulge!

I've covered the sofas in cosy blankets which get equally used for den making and snuggling under for a film on a Sunday afternoon. My favourite sheepskin from the local farm shop hangs over the back of the sofa in the living room, for tired school boys who need to rest their weary heads after pick up.

This time of year is about cosiness and comfort. We sink into bed each night under our Winter Warm Slumberdown duvet and I feel like I can't get up in the mornings! It's too dark and I am way too warm, cocooned like a sausage roll in a pastry made from cotton wool. The westies are in complete agreement ;)

Winter time comes at the end of the year, a perfect time to say thank you and treat the ones who have loved you, supported you, encouraged and embraced you through the year.

So I have 2 treats today for you lovely readers.

Firstly a new set of floral wallpapers - it's been such a long while since the last! I picked out some of my favourite props and got silly with the glitter! You can download one or all of them! 

Choose your favourite and let me know!

Just click on an image to download.

I also have the perfect winter comforts bundle to win from Slumberdown. Because for all the racing around around, present buying, gift wrapping and good deeds we will do before the big day, you deserve to feel spoilt!

You will win:

A copy of the GBBO book, a vintage bath time pampering set, a fabulous hot chocolate set from Not on The High Street and a pair of Slumberdown's luxury silky pillows!

To enter leave a comment on this blog post or any of the wallpaper images I share over on my Instagram account. 

The competition is open to UK residents and will close at midnight on Christmas Eve GMT. 

Good luck!