friday night pinterest party

In the absence of a big night out, dinner and drinks, pub tea or even a takeaway I decided I needed to have a party for one (well with me and the other entries so not partying alone!) on the moors-mummy blog!

Heaven - to me there is only one thing I craved when I was pregnant, would have for every birthday lunch and even though to some it would seem terribly naff and so clichéd and only something they are forced to eat on Christmas Day, I love it!

The wonder that is the prawn cocktail.

To me it is heaven, on a jacket potato, in a sandwich, on a bagel or as a canapé. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I am not talking about the Iceland prawn ring I am talking about giant king prawns slathered in sauce with a healthy sprinkle of paprika!

It was my home coming meal when I brought both my sons home from hospital!

I couldn’t find a photograph that really captured my love for the mighty shrimp cocktail so I found this.

I know this is a big crab but I just really loved the photo!