Halloween Food - Zombie Macarons

I promise there isn't a Halloween takeover on this blog, despite 2 posts in a row being full of the H word! 

But I have a few cute and super simple ideas to share, however I promise to spread them out!

Macarons. I adore them. Their delicate presentation, delicious texture but not the price. Yes I know I could make them but who keeps almond meal in the cupboard?! 

I am all for making life as easy as possible. 

I spied these in TK Maxx who have an excellent foodie section full of brightly coloured pasta and interesting products, and at a couple of pounds for a pack of 6, almost half the price of the fresh versions in the supermarkets, I couldn't resist. Whilst they don't have fresh cream in them they are absolutely delicious and made perfect zombies!

zombie macaroons.jpg

I have very limited time at the moment. Every day there are a million things on the rolling to do list. We have big changes going on at home and at work which I will let you all in on soon. All good. 

zombie macaroons.jpg

You can use any sweets you like, liquorice would be great but I used the following ingredients.  

zombie macaroons.jpg
  • Green macarons
  • Jelly tots for eyes  
  • Sugar rocks for teeth
  • Black icing pen
  • Dried Spagetti and Chocolate coffee beans for the bolts
zombie macaroons.jpg

Using your icing pen put a blob under each jelly tot eye and secure. Pipe a small dot in the centre of the eyes. Draw a mouth and add the sprinkle sugar crystals for teeth.  Draw on a scar and with a cocktail stick gently make a hole in the coffee beans. (Careful not to push too hard). Take a length of dried spaghetti about 1.5cm long and push into your macaron and the coffee bean to make the bolts.

zombie macaroons.jpg


zombie macaroons.jpg

Are you busy practising Halloween delights or have you made something Autumnal? 

zombie macaroons.jpg

I am hosting #TastyTuesdays for Vicki who blogs at Honest Mum this week. So please do link up your lovely recipes!