Halloween Ideas - spooktacular roundup

Last year we went a little Halloween crazy. We had a wonderful party and a few weeks of activities and crafts. 

This year we will be away at my in laws for Halloween and we will have a spooky garden trail for the boys to enjoy and maybe a swim in the dark. (We are super lucky that they have a pool.) 

So instead of lots of new party ideas here are some of the highlights from last year which you may find handy if you are planning a party! Some were using new bits and bobs and others were recycling old things I had lying around or I picked up at the charity shop.


Halloween Ideas.jpg

Play a game of Spider Name Hunt - use foam spider shapes and spell each guest's name on the back in individual letters. Turn them all over at the start and see who can spell their name first!  You can see more photos here.

Make a family portrait of ghost feet! Ours will be coming out again this year!

Make a simple handprint spider jigsaw

Book pumpkins are a great way to decorate although steer clear if you couldn't bear to cut up an old book! 

Easy peasy bunting, which I made at the same time as the feet portrait. Use coloured scrap book paper in between you ghosts. 

A party lolly tree is a simple way of creating an eye catching centrepiece for your party table. Plus you can use it as candy for trick or treaters! 

Halloween Ideas.jpg

We have this door mat ready for next week. Hand stencilled ready for the Heath Bros at Halloween. 

Mummy juice cartons are so effective! Easy too just remember to leave a space for the straws! 

I hung these muslin ghosts everywhere last year as it was a way of recycling all of Ollie's old muslin cloths!  I am sure every parent has a bag of these in the loft somewhere so get them out and make some good use from them!

There is nothing cuter than these mini broomsticks! I dotted them all over the house and they take only minutes to make. 

I loved making our little party guests name paper skeletons which I framed above their trick or treating bags. I used potatoes to stamp pumpkin and skull faces on them!

I went a little mad on all the party food ideas last year - you can see the full party post here but they all were worth the effort! My old painted dresser was absolutely perfect for the Halloween Party buffet and I use our upcycled mini bar dresser to hold the drinks!

halloween party food.jpg

We played loads of games including: 

  • ghost toilet roll bowling
  • sensory slime
  • apple bobbing
  • face painting

A big party will have to wait until next year! I'm still collecting lots of inspiration on my Pinterest board so do follow and share ideas. 

What have you got planned for Halloween?

halloween eyes.jpg