Happy Home Tour Part 2 - Kitchen

Last week I put it to my Facebook likers what they wanted to read, whilst we were away on holiday in America this week. 

Top of the list - a kitchen tour! 

So here is Part 2 of my Happy Home Tour.  You can see Part 1 - The Living Room here.

Our kitchen is about 5 years old and was an extension to the original space that was finished just before Sammy was born. We went up and out! Our bedroom fills the space above and there is a utility room next to the wine rack that I forgot to take a photo of! It really is nothing too exciting - a sink full of washing and bags for life full of bits and bobs each time we clear the cars out, that never get sorted! 

Capture by Lucy Kitchen Tour.jpg

One of our best friends built the extension but tragically died in a terrible accident (along with his brother and our other best friend) 3/4 of the way through. I found two pictures from an abstract constellation series and bought them the moment I saw them. I like to think they represent James and Chris as stars in the sky.   

Capture by Lucy Kitchen Tour.jpg

Our kitchen is modern and bold, in comparison to the rest of the house. Black gloss units and walnut wood floor and surfaces. I love the island the most. It creates such a sociable space and whilst the boys are still little, we chose to have a giant corner sofa unit, storage chest and a little painted table for them but at some point in the next year or so will change the large sofa for a smaller one and bring our dining table into the room.

We often forget we have a living room at all! It's such a cosy and welcoming room that our family gatherings tend to centre in this room, with some people up at the island on the bar stools and some on the sofa. 

Capture by Lucy Kitchen Tour.jpg

It's the perfect space for wrapping presents, the boys sit up there to paint and play with play dough and there is always a laptop open! It's sort of become a communal laptop and visitors feel comfortable to just log on, check their emails and browse the internet! 

There is always glasses and the boys drinks cups to put away on the drainer, a leftover party decoration and a crate full of paper work to sort that gets so high it spills over the top. Whilst the black units do have smeary hand prints on them most of the time I still love them.

Capture by Lucy Kitchen Tour.jpg

The kitchen might be in contrast to what people probably expect us to have. And even though our house is in the countryside it works. A contemporary finish with softer accessories like cushions, candles, flowers and photos.

I adore the big window frame style picture frames and on a never ending jobs to do list is updating the photos!  

Capture by Lucy Kitchen Tour.jpg

It's a light space with two sets of double doors onto the garden and I love the kitchen being at the back of the house as I can see the boys playing in the garden. 

Capture by Lucy Kitchen Tour.jpg

It's my equally favourite room in the house tied with our bedroom. Maybe that will have to be next on the Happy Home Tour!  

What's your favourite room in your home? 

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