happy National Stationery Day!

happy s day

I have just learnt that today is National Stationery Day! National Stationery Day is organised by LMC Media who organise the only UK trade exhibition dedicated to stationery products, writing instruments and accessories! Along with their partners Faber-Castell, Sheaffer and uni-ball they are encouraging us all to celebrate the written word and all things stationery!

I remember as a child, just before school started in September after the long holiday, which then felt like a proper summer, we were allowed to go to WH Smiths and choose a new pencil case. When I was really cool it became a pencil tin! I have always adored pretty stationery, interesting pens and tiny little notecards.

I always think I am such an easy person to buy for, because that old favourite, the notelet set present, when you can't think of anything else, would be marvellous in my book!

My husband shares this love and is very particular about the pens he uses. In fact, within our family he is known for only using uni-ball coloured ball points!

I love sending little postcards to friends for no reason and I've always got cards "in stock" ready for next years birthdays.

I always send thank you cards.

I find it quite rude, the people who do not. It only takes a few minutes and we all have the time. Whether we would prefer to spend that time watching an episode of our favourite program is a different matter, but I find it quite frustrating when people say "oh I haven't got time to do thank you cards".

It doesn't have to cost lots of money either. Handmade thank you cards can just be a scribble on a scrap of paper, Grandparents will love that more than an expensive shop bought one!

I have a habit of buying cards to suit the person and my husband can't bear it. He would much rather buy an arty, photo card from John Lewis! But I think people appreciate the effort you have put in to search for the perfect card! We have a long running joke with a best friend of ours that she is a fox! So every time I see a good fox card I pop it in the box in the July slot! I think I have 4 years worth at the moment!

I bought a great card organiser from Phoenix as it is so handy to have cards ready so you don't miss birthdays or anniversaries!

When we went to Tokyo for my husband's 30th last year and a highlight for me, sad or not, was this beautiful stationery shop, which is listed in the guide books! I could have pottered for hours in the Tsutsumu Factory and bought this little notepaper pad and these letterpress business cards to use for my family photography! I have written notes and slipped them in with the cd to the families I have photographed. Just adds that personal touch.

I bought a set of school desks from eBay a couple of years ago that are in the play room and my Granny's old chairs are perfect albeit they are pink! I can't wait to see my 2 boys, when they are older, beavering away with home work, colouring or writing thank you cards.

I discovered the most incredible site today Paper Source, unfortunately it is the US but I am hoping I can order a few things and ship them to my brother in New Jersey!

I am just about to order some fun family note paper from Identity Direct. If you want something personalised this is the site. You can choose a different cartoon illustrate for each member of the family, including the pets!

But my favourite stationery has to be from Honey Tree Publishing. It comes so beautifully packaged and is worth every penny. We had small boy's Christening invites made from there, they were the Owl and the Pussycat theme! I'll find a spare and post it on the blog because they were so delicate but he is asleep at the moment and they are in his memory box!

I hope I have inspired you to pick up a pen and write a little note to someone you love.

Happy National Stationery Day!