Hello Bygones!

It is my birthday on Sunday and we are off for the day to Hello Bygones! How exciting! I am so lucky that my husband loves these fairs too and the boys dance along to the bands and have a wail of a time!

One thing we have never had time for, at one of these vintage fairs, is for me to get made over 50's style, for a Pop Up Parlour photo session!

I look longingly at the ladies, in their hair and make up, all done up to their vintage nines, whilst I battle with a buggy and a 3 year old wrapped around my legs!

But not this Sunday! I am determined to have my mini make over!

The hair and make up artists are so creative and I have been getting some inspiration from Pinterest. Check out my board here.

These are my favourites! There are a couple of tutorials too. Linking up my current crush with Framed Frosting for this week.



 You'll have to forgive the blurry photos - I still love the hair and couldn't find the same anywhere else!

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