Home made Fuzzy Felt Dada

fathersday 9

I wanted to come up with something fun for big boy to do with Dada on Father's Day. Oh he's not slow to speak, it's just that we have always been Mama and Dada! Here's what I bought/what you need:

fathersday 1

A cheap wide frame, took out the glass and stuck velcro dots on the board.

A whole range of coloured sheets of felt to make the face, hair, eyes, lips, noses and moustaches, because why not they are fun!

A roll of velcro dots.

I had the sticker letters already!

Cut out a face shape on paper, lay over the felt and cut out your face. Stick the reverse velcro on top of the dots stuck to the board then place your face on top. That way you don't have to try and guess where the dots are as the face just sticks to them!

fathersday 2

Then if you ever want to change the face and make another member of the family, it will just peel off, instead of sticking the whole thing to the board.

fathersday 3

Stick the scratchy side of the velcro dots to the face in the spaces ready for the features. The felt will stick to the scratchy dot so no need to stick a reverse fluffy dot on them. For the moustaches, I stuck little pieces of velcro as I didn't want a permanent dot on the face!

Cut out your features, I particularly liked snipping into the felt to make a fringe!

fathersday 8
fathersday 5
fathersday 6
fathersday 7

We made big boy first, then made Dada ready to give him on Sunday!

fathersday 4

I stuck letter stickers to the frame to complete the Father's Day present!

fathersday 9

Cheap as chips and fun to play with!

fathersday 10
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