Homemade Lens Scrunchie Camera Cosy

Lens Scrunchie 6

I bought one of these amazing lens pets from Mandee Franee in the US earlier this year and it is a great way to help your children look at the lens instead of gazing over the top at you! They are great for distracting little ones and if you use bright colours or black and white for newborns, they can focus a child's attention towards the camera. There are lots of versions on Etsy and you can make a basic one with an ordinary old hair scrunchie. Who knew you could recycle an old hairband into something so fab! You could make a mini one for a compact camera by using a smaller scrunchie.

Simply tie your pipe cleaners around the top of the scrunchie into antler shapes. I used 2 pipe cleaners per antler.

Glue your wiggly eyes and pom pom nose to the space between the antlers and you are good to go!

I would definitely recommended the more professional versions though, I made a reindeer especially for the festive period but have my eye on this little baby on my new year wish list if I get some Christmas money!

I found this great photo checklist on Simple as That blog. Wow - I know I take a lot of photos but I think there may be a few I have missed! If you want to download it go to the blog post here.

Don't take any notice if family members roll their eyes when you are constantly snapping away over the festive period. You can't get these times back and photos are the most wonderful way to capture those happy memories!