How and why to use Pinterest

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Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 11.05.28

I used to blurt on to everyone about Slimming World. But since we started living like we are on shore leave last November, I have decided life is much more fun when you are not on a diet, and whilst my clothes still fit, I am going to start a new campaign to anyone who will listen.

It has changed me life. I adore it. Gone are the days when I have to trawl through a list of bookmarks, scrolling down, then having to scroll back up again, as I am sure I just missed what I was searching for. I also have a much slimmer diary, instead of it bursting with pages torn out of magazines.

Christmas ideas and birthday wish lists kept quietly ticking along all year and fantasy worlds can be created with the ping of a pin.

Pinterest is an online community of users who share their pinboards. You can pin anything you want. Literally. If I saw a lovely cushion in a home store I could take a photo on my phone and pin it to my 'Home' board. I could spend hours getting lost browsing through other Pinners boards, repining their wants, wishes and finds to my boards.

You can also you the search facility to uncover others ideas and shared pins.

It is the best way to organise any project. I plan the boys parties using Pinterest and was a very lucky girl and was given some delightful presents from my husband, who checked the 'Birthday Wish List' board! You can also pin craft and beauty tutorials from other bloggers or online video sharing sites like YouTube.

You name it, you can pin it! Pin images from your own blog site to spread the word!

I defy anyone not be be able to research an idea using Pinterest. A friend of mine is having an unusual colour scheme for their wedding next year, but within minutes of searching on Pinterest, thousands of ideas popped up.

We used it to draw inspiration, when we updated our lounge and it was an essential resource, when I was planning my brother's wedding rehearsal as there were so many American rehearsals pinned along the same themes.

I even created a board of face painting ideas for my friend who has expanded her beauty business to include face paint parties!

You can edit, delete and update your boards, as little or as often as you like and you can like and follow others who interest you.

If you are a list or mood board type of person you will love it! Feel free to have a nose at my boards and follow me if you fancy!

I even have one for jars I like!

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 11.09.49

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 11.09.49

You have to request an invite to join (although that is just an email sign up) or you can be invited by an existing Pinterest user like me! UPDATE MAY 2013 - you no longer need an invite! Sign up today!

Create your own pinboard and start pinning today and click here!