How tall are you?

I'm as Big as fi

Last year I found this great wall chart and we measured every member of the family and all the friends we saw over Christmas.

I have got it ready for this year, and am going to bring it our every year to see how my boys are growing!

Last year Sammy was as tall as a newborn elephant! He is so tall for his age, but with me being the shortest in my family at 5' 9" he was never going to be petite!

Ollie was a red fox! Cute!

And I was the height of an average British Man! Great!

How tall are you and I will let you know where you feature on the chart!

Do you play games at Christmas? I remember as a child we never watched an television on Christmas day it was just endless games! My poor Mum must have been exhausted! She always makes up a Famous Faces Quiz and this year I am going to do a children's version with faces of the famous characters!