How to plan moving rooms

It is often the case when a sibling comes along, that the nursery is updated and the elder child gets to have a big kid room. We spent several weeks talking to Sammy about his big boy room and involving him in where his precious things would fit into the new bigger room.

Actually Sammy was making way for a home office but the principles still apply and might be more useful for soon to be parents of two!

I used some of his colouring paper to mark out on the floor the different pieces of furniture so I could play around with the layout to maximise the space. It took several shift arounds for us to agree on what worked best. Thank goodness we weren't lugging the actual furniture around!

He has a wonderful nautical inspired space with all his possessions he has had since birth. Unfortunately, ever since he moved rooms, his sleep pattern has been dreadfully disrupted. I can count on one hand the number of full nights sleep he has had in his own bed. (We didn't change the cot bed, just moved it from one room to another.)

I would be grateful for any hints or tips anyone has to share on how to help soothe his night terrors. I am all for leaving them to cry it out but with a younger one in the room next door, we take the quick easy option and scoot him in our bed so as not to wake Ollie.

Anything except move him back! I didn't realise just how distracting it was working downstairs until I had a dedicated office!