How to style a jam jar vase 3 ways featuring Rose and Grey

There is nothing more beautiful and simple to me than picking flowers from the garden and decorating the window ledges and mantlepiece with little vases. So when one of my favourite interiors companies Rose and Grey asked me to take part in their styling challenge I couldn't resist!

The jam jar vase concept has taken the wedding world by storm but these wild flower jars come complete with a wired frame lid to hold your flowers in place. Genius! No need for a cello tape frame with these babies, just pick and go.

The boys helped me with the first idea and collected old snail shells from around the garden, Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, that is indeed what my boys are made of! I found a travel shampoo plastic bottle in the bathroom and used it to create an inner vase.

Take your jar and place your water filled bottle inside. It's much tricker to fill with water afterwards. Place your snail shells around the bottle and add your flowers. The boys decided to pick these wild flowers (or weeds!) and add them to the vase. 

I loved the idea of filling the vase with something other than water and have been waiting for an excuse to use this dried petal confetti. This time I used an old florist's tube which was the perfect height for the jar. 

I'd recommend placing the rubber top on the tube as you fill the jar with confetti and then removing it before you add your flowers. 

But the easiest idea of all is to decorate with wallpaper samples. Just cut slim strips of paper from your favourite print and attach with stickers. I used ribbon to hang a jar full of apple blossom in the apple tree at the bottom of the garden. So simple but would be lovely for a Summer garden party!

rose and grey flower jam jars.jpg

I love them all but I think the confetti filled vase steals my heart! Even if I have left a trail of tiny petals behind me!

There are so many lovely entries for this styling challenge, Rose and Grey are sharing them on their Twitter feed so make sure you follow them for the most amazing interiors inspiration.