Hurricane Sandy

A hurricane is about to hit the East Coast of the United States. A state of emergency has been declared right where my little brother lives.

Can you believe that of all the weeks for a hurricane to hit, it is the week my Mum flew over to visit, just for a weekend.

She is now stuck as the airports are closed, and quite right too.

I hate the thought of my family not being safe. I know everyday we all get in our cars and effectively risk our lives but the thought of some of my most loved ones being in the midst of a hurricane is frightening.

All I wish for this week is for my Mama to get home. Safe and sound.

I will be thinking of all the hundreds of thousands of Americans, who in some way or another, big or small will be effected by this hurricane and pray that no one is hurt.

ps. I will let you know when she lands on UK soil, safe and sound.

LifeLucy Heath2 Comments