I love you, really I do

How many times a day do you say I love you?

I've realised that even though life is so unsettled at the moment and I sound like a shouty fish wife more than a happy wife and mother, we say I love you more times than I can count in a day.

There are days when I feel like I am constantly nagging, rushing the boys to get dressed, shoving them in the car with a freezer bag of toast because we've made breakfast too late and trying to juggle work and a home life, whilst searching for a home to buy, which turns out is rather tricky.

But we always say I love you.

A quick "Love you" at the classroom door, a fleeting "Love you" screamed out of the car window saying goodbye to family after a visit, and a chorus of "Love yous" at bedtime as we walk down the stairs after tucking them in.

I am 32 and I always end a phone call with my family with an "I love you".

Because I really do.

Not because it's Valentine's week, but because it's just nice, tell someone you love them a little more than usual.

Last year we made Rich a family kisses print!

lipstick kisses

For us, Valentines is an excuse to share the love. There are cards waiting to be opened from Uncle and Auntie in America and we have made Granny a card! 

confetti words

This year we've gone sparkly - metallic paper confetti and hot glue - simple! I got the idea from this website and thought it would be great to make some confetti words as a print you could frame.

Take a piece of baking paper, draw your shape or letter with hot glue from a glue gun, sprinkle and wait to set. Give it about 10 minutes and you can peel your confetti creation straight off the paper.

The only downside is after the confetti blowing photo our driveway is now completely covered in metallic paper! Whoops - looks like a wedding party have just left!

i love you print.jpg

The shredded metallic paper was left over from Sammy's Circus party and I got in in The Range for £1 a bag!