I want to buy a wood


Forget swooning over Matt Damon in We bought a Zoo. When we drove back from Blagdon Lake last week, we saw a few for sale signs up, advertising areas of woodland.

Ever since then I have been dreaming of owning our own piece of wooded bliss.

It does't need to be a lot. Just under an acre would be marvellous!

Not quite sure our treats money will stretch to it this year but next year, or maybe the year after that .....

There are lots advertised on the internet on sites like Woodlands and they seem to go for around £5 - £10,000 an acre! Phew! Who knew woodland land was so steamy! (I used to be a Land Buyer, and have worked for a few of the major UK house builders, but when it comes to woodland land prices, clearly I am not your girl!)

It might seem like a pipe dream at the moment, it might always be our pipe dream, but it's a dream my husband and I share.

His dream is a clearing within walking distance of our house and as we are surrounded by countryside, I might take up stalking of the local farm and land owners as my new hobby!

Our dogs would love it, our boys would love it, we would adore it.

I love the idea of a family wood, where we could build tree houses, have amazing nights by a camp fire and build wigwams out of anything that gets blown to the ground, after a stormy night.

Imagine the boys birthday parties growing up.... toasting marshmallows, real hide and seek and endless adventure trails.

When you think of the cost of a weeks family holiday to Disney Land it doesn't seem so ridiculous after all! Somewhere you would go almost every weekend as a family.

So, on my ultimate wish list, is a woodland, all of our very own!