I'm back!

48 hours of no internet is not a treat at all. Time away from the computer to relax. Aahhhh, I've never felt so stressed! In desperation, I used my husband's iPhone in bed last night when he had gone to sleep! Felt like I was 5 again, reading under the duvet, by torch light except it was iPhone light!

My phone is useless. There has been a fault with the internet access since I bought it and I just haven't had the time or made the time, to go into an actual shop.

Poor blog so neglected for 48 hours! Get ready to be bombarded tonight!

Apparently, there is some annual Apple conference going on that my husband has requested a pass out, or rather pass in, to watch without interruption tonight.

I will assume that I am still cooking a dinner for him, just that he wants it served and eaten in silence!

Romantic evening ahead then!

ps secretly pleased as I adore joining Mums Night on Twitter on a Monday night!