A couple of years ago I signed up an Instagram account, posted a few pictures and then got swept up in a love affair with Afterlight

I have no idea why I didn't just keep publishing my iPhone photos through one app and then another, but I didn't. It felt like another step I didn't have time for, and then when A Beautiful Mess brought out their photo app, again I got lazy and left my Instagram account lonely and unloved.

But, I'd like to think I am a photography blogger (Aaah thank you for everyone who has nominated me in the Photography Category and all the others I am amazed to be nominated in, of the MAD Blog Awards 2014, I am so grateful - you can nominate your favourite bloggers here if you haven't yet) and there is an amazing Instagram community that I have been missing out on, who love sharing their photos as much as I do.

What a fool! I can still run all my photos through my preferred apps and simply choose to publish them on Instagram. Yes, why I didn't cotton onto this earlier is beyond me.

Capture by Lucy Instagram

Of course it has made me realise just how many photos I post to Twitter and Facebook in one day. 


So my account is alive and kicking! Are you on Instagram? Please let me know your account name and I will come and find you.

Capture by Lucy Instagram

I'm capturebylucy if you want to find me :)

ps. anyone a whizz on Instagram? Can you help me? I want to sync my blog Facebook account, rather than my personal one but I have no idea how to change the setting?! Any ideas?!

ps. tomorrow I am posting Episode 1 of my new podcast • Life Lately, please have a listen and be kind! I was very nervous when I recorded it, so I am hoping for a lot less fumbling and umms next week :)