Instant Number Hunt

numbers 1

Big boy has all of a sudden started impressing us with his interest and ability to recognise numbers. He wants to stop at people's doors and points out speed limit signs where ever we go. He loves to copy me so the other afternoon we went on a number hunt around the estate, armed with an instant camera.

As I am usually taking the pictures, he was as keen as mustard to shoot the 'big numbers' we found on our walk.

We went through 1 - 9 which took longer than you would think as the estate is full of lots of little cul de sacs rather than long streets! Then we went on a hunt for the big ones 10, 20, 30, 40 etc right up to 100.

The game lasted just over an hour when he told me that his legs were aching! We had walked a fair way so we headed back for tea.

We are going to go out again for 11-19 another time and save 21-29 and 31-39 etc for other days when we need an hour out of the house.

I have printed the first 1-9 as business cards and laminated them to use as flashcards. Much more fun for him as they remind him of our little adventure. The big ones are on business card sized instant prints so perfect!

The only disappointment was number 100. The only house on the estate not to have a number plaque! We took a picture anyway as he now says "Look Mama that house has no number but it is as old as Great Grandma Mabel!" Well she is 98 and a half but I am happy for him to think she is 100! How sweet!

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