it's all about the pegs!

My big boy loves the routine of putting his coat on a peg at pre school, in fact this little ritual has helped him settle in. So when I saw these lovely wooden coat pegs I just had to have them. We used to have a big (slightly too twirly) wrought iron set of pegs which were way out of his reach. He was so excited when the new pegs were unveiled to him this evening and immediately had to be the one to put the coats back on. I'm now looking forward to him taking off his own coat and hanging it up - one less job for Mama!

I'm going to put the ones we use the most at the bottom and swap them round depending on the weather!

Oh and I know you might think the same as my husband he has far too many coats! But the good thing is I get to use them twice when small boy grows into them!

I think it looks lovely by the door, by our hearts! If you would like a heart of your own they are £6.50 each from Country Heart.