It's all about you, it's all about you baby!

Well actually it's all about me! One of my loyal twitter followers Kat, has tagged me in a meme entitled 'It's all about me'. Q1 - When was the last time you cried?

Last week, when I slid a 6ft solid wood table onto my ankle. I blubbed. It grazed my ankle on the thinnest bit of skin where it is most delicate and for a split second I thought I'd broken it! I was in a rush to move the table out of the dining room, which we are giving a makeover to at the moment. Story of my life! Always in a rush and always impatient to get things done once the idea gets in my head.

Q2 - Are you named after anyone?

Yes my mother's father's mother, my Great Granny. I wrote about it here the other day coincidentally! I was always going to be a Lucy. My middle name is Jean after my Granny. She was Isabel Jean, my Mother is Vivien Jean and if either of the boys were girls we were going to call them either Isabel or Jemima Jean. It's terribly old fashioned but I adore family traditions especially ones with names.

I rather like Lucy. Sweet for a baby but a proper name for when you are a grown up but still has a feminine sound to it. I also like that I can write it in a swirly way! Making big loops for the top and bottom of the L and Y.

Q3 - Do you have children?

Yes 2 boys. Big boy, 3, is Samuel Henry (Henry after my husband's Grandad) and small boy, 15 months is Oliver Geoffrey (after my Grandpa). You see I said I like family names being passed down!

Both happened in a flash and we count ourselves very lucky. 2 healthy happy boys who are our world.

Q4 - If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself?

Crikey, who would answer no to this! Of course! Ha! I like to think that I am a good loyal friend. I am a born people pleaser and always make an extra 10 minutes to help a friend even when I have absolutely no time really to give. I try to live by the principle make everyone feel special. It doesn't matter how inexpensive or small the gesture but thoughtfulness goes a long way. I hope that one of the words my friends would use to describe me would be thoughtful. (Although I have been told this is impossible to compete with on occasions! Silly really as anything I ever do is not to get something in return!)

Q5 - Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Oh yes if you don't what's the matter with you?! See! Our whole family are sarcastic, take the mick and tease each other but never with any malice. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

Q6 - Will you ever bungee jump?

No way jose! I am completely scared of roller coasters, fast rides at the fun fairs and the thought of sky diving or bungee jumping scares the wotzits out of me. I am not scared of heights though so one day I hope to have a hot air balloon flight!

Q7 - What is your favourite cereal?

Frosties. Preferably in the little selection boxes you can buy like hotels have. We hardly ever have it at home as I know big boy would love it and I'd never get him back onto plain rice crispies!

Q8 - What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their height. I am 5ft 9 and the shortest in my family. We went to Tokyo the January before small boy was born in July and I honestly thought I would feel like a giant. But I didn't! One of the Japanese myths I think!

I forget how much taller than my friends I am (luckily one of my best friends has a couple of inches on me so we are amazonian together when we see each other) but when I saw this photo of all the antenatal Mummies and babies I couldn't believe it! I have a good head on all of them! And I am in flats!

Q9 - What is your eye colour?

I am a brown eyed girl. I tried coloured blue contact lenses once for joke and looked bizarre. I was destined to have big brown eyes and big boy has inherited them. Small boy has even bigger peepers but they are green after my husband.

Q10 - Scary movie or happy ending?

I can honestly say I have never seen a horror film in my life! I am not ashamed to admit that Twins is one of my all time favourite films. Bit at the end showing them in the future, happy, married and with children!

Q11 - Favourite smells?

I love the smell of freshly washed washing going round in a tumble dryer. The hot but clean smell makes me want to curl up somewhere cosy and have a sleep.

Herbal Essence pink shampoo. I have used it for over 15 years. Same shampoo every day!

Q12 - Summer or winter?

Summer. I adore the heat and would quite happily live in 80 degrees all year round. I spent the first four years of my life in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain so maybe that's where my love of sun comes from! There is nothing more relaxing to me than the feeling of the sun on your face when you close your eyes. Not searing heat but warmth.

I do of course love a roaring fire and frost on the field behind us. I love Christmas time too. But I can't stand wind and rain, scraping ice off your windscreen and having to wear socks at home. I like to be barefoot. Underfloor heating could be the answer!

Q13 - Computer or television?

I could quite happily give up television for good if it was a choice between my beloved MacBook and the 32 inch. That's as big as the telly's get in our house. I can't stand big tv's. They are not a sign of how wealthy you are and they do not count as art on the wall. Our lounge has a small tv in the corner which is at the bottom of the focal point list. Don't get me started on 3D tv's either. Who on earth sits round in ridiculous glasses waving in front of their noses for more than a novelty period?

We have an island in the kitchen and there is always an open laptop on it. All our guests feel comfortable having a quick browse at something or other too. I am not precious about my Mac!

Q14 - What's the furthest you have ever been away from home?

It would have to be Tokyo. Just, as we went to Mauritius on our honeymoon which was a 14 hour flight. We went to Tokyo for my husband's 30th as it has always been a dream of his to visit Japan. We left big boy with Granny and went for 5 days. We did miss him of course but I don't think there is anything wrong having time away from your children. We might take a trip to see my brother in New Jersey early next year and leave both of them with my Mum. I couldn't leave small boy just yet.

Q15 - Where were you born?

I was born in Ashford Hospital in Middlesex just along from Heathrow where my Mum still lives now. It was knocked down a few years ago and a housing estate was built on the site. Ironic as I became a land buyer doing exactly that!

Q16 - Do you have any special talents?

Nope. I would say I am an all rounder. Not particularly good at anything but not too shabby at anything either. I am quite content being a piggy in that middle ground. I hope our boys grow up to be the same.

Q17 - What are your hobbies?

This! My blog combines all the things in my life I am passionate about. I have pocket money photography business photographing bumps, babies and families. I have an enquiry for a wedding next year too which is daunting! I always have a hundred and one things on the go and am always staggered when I see people's Facebook status or twitter update stating 'I'm bored'. I am never bored. Ever.

Q18 - Do you have any pets?

Yes we have two westies Mabel (after my husband's Grandma who is 98) and Moose. We choose Moose as it was the only boys name we liked beginning with M and it perfectly suited this fat squishy puppy! They were going to be Hero and Heidi but Moose and Mabel suit them so much better! One of our best friends has always called Mabel Maud. It is a running joke to the point she can't sometimes remember which is the real name!

We waited for 18 months for them from this lovely breeder until my husband worked from home.

Q19 - Favourite movie?

Aside from Twins it would have to be The Slipper an the Rose. Richard Chamberlain and Gemma in a real life version of Cinderella set in a time when men wore white curly wigs and the women bustle dresses. The music is fantastic, like a musical extravaganza. My brother and I regularly burst into "A Bride finding Ball". You really have to watch it, or at least watch the You Tube clip.

Q20 - Do you have any siblings?

Yes I am the eldest and I have a sister Natalie who is 2 years and 3 months younger than me and a brother Patrick (my husband's was his best man) who is almost exactly 4 years younger. My sister is my best friend and confidante. My brother emigrated to America 2 and a half years ago and I miss him terribly. Like heart aching missing. We speak most week days on Skype but we are huggers in our family and I miss just being in the same room.

I am fiercely protective of my siblings and I know we can be a tough clique to be part of when we get together. It really isn't intentional but when we are together we really don't need anyone else! Luckily all our other halves are firmly part of our little gang.

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