I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts


I have gone a little mad with the desiccated coconut this week. Firstly, because I bought a whole bag to make Halloween ghost breadsticks and never got round to it and secondly, because you can stick it in anything! Try adding it to pan fried prawns with a little seasoning and balsamic vinegar. We had ours over pasta and it gave the prawns a sticky sweet and sour taste - delicious.


Or stir it through piping hot rice. I always order coconut rice if we have an Indian meal and now I can have it whenever at home!

But the best way to use it is in a magic reindeer mix!

Mix a cup of porridge oats, a cup of desiccated coconut and some edible cake sprinkles. Then when you scatter it on Christmas Eve to guide Father Christmas' reindeers to your door, it won't harm any birds or bugs who may have a nibble! So skip the glitter and raid your cake decorating supplies! Pour some into cellophane and tie with ribbon for a sweet gift to little ones.

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